About 2ZRO Studios

2ZRO is a multi-faceted studio of Architectural Visualisation (aka) Archviz, founded by 'Architect-Singer-Songwriter' "Kumar Rohan" (Ro).

It provides a platform for Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Landscaping, Graphic Enthusiasts, UI UX designs, an upcoming era of Metaverse and the list goes on, crafted with our excelled skills in presentations which crystals the services we offer in our firm that are: CGI Renders, Walkthroughs, flythroughs, 360* Rendered images of same and also provides live Virtual Reality meet-ups, so you can wear VR headsets and experience the design like never before with seamless guidance of our professional behaviour.

Bringing our advanced generation tech expert team to analyse your projects and designs as our presentation speaks by themselves a virtual story and keep your attention locked for a moment and that's not the end we are developing your epic eutopic concepts into animated videos, documentaries or films that might get shortlisted on International Film Festivals or can list them as NFTs and even create your personalised 3D Avatars within metaverse is here and we are prepared to flow in with the matrix of technology and Web 3.0 as we keep our products to be showcased in integrity. Hence, developing the branding tricks for your work and ideas for better market growth. We are eyeing the future with a vision that never blinks.

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